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Weed has always been a controversial topic, and its usage is associated with only negative vibes. However, the world is slowly coming to terms with the many benefits of weed. As this happens, countries now realize just how vital cannabis can be to the human body. Canada joined the bandwagon of countries to legalize weed, which paved the way for people to access marijuana easily. Cannabis dispensaries & weed delivery services are quite common all over the country. Here in Vancouver, cannabis stores are becoming quite common, and this has made weed locally available to people aged over 19 years.

But as weed dispensaries become common, not everyone is comfortable going to one. Additionally, people living far away from the stores also wish to enjoy weed as much as walk-in customers. This has led to the creation of weed delivery in Vancouver. It is now easier to order weed while seated in the comfort of your home. 

Here are the 3 best weed delivery services in Vancouver:


We have saved the best for first as GreenMates offers world-class weed delivery in Vancouver. We are a top-rated weed delivery store that offers same-day delivery after selecting your weed from a wide range of products. We have also expanded our weed delivery across the lower mainland as well as other provinces in the country. 


Budora offers some good weed for both medicinal and recreational purposes. They also offer same-day delivery, and typically, they say, an order takes about two-five hours to get to you. They claim delivery is free but reviews suggest otherwise. Generally the weed is below average quality.

Canna Farmacy

They are perfect for people who can wait a day or two for delivery. When it comes to delivery, they claim same-day weed delivery in Vancouver. The Vancouver weed delivery here starts at 11 AM to 8:45 PM for those in downtown Vancouver and stops an hour earlier for people in other Vancouver areas. Generally, ok weed but not the best. Stick with GreenMates for the real deal.

Votes are in, The GreenMates took home the prize for best quality, best prices and fastest delivery.

Greenmates makes it easy for you to search, find, pay, and have your weed delivered right to your doorstep. You also get to track your order keeping tabs on it every step of the way. Visit our site and order your weed today

What should a cannabis delivery entail?

Check out this factors that influence marijuana delivery;

Fast delivery

Any delivery system should be fast and efficient. The delivery person should reach you within hours and the same business day if you are far from Vancouver city.

Easier payments

Weed dispensaries should make payments as easy as possible for customers. There is no need to spend time ordering or making payments to get a few joints. Cash and e-transfer are prime methods of more manageable payments, and online payments should also be possible.

Straightforward registration

The law is categorically clear; weed should only be sold to a person above 19 years. To this effect, cannabis dispensaries are required to register and prove they are of age. Weed dispensaries should make it as easy as possible for people to register.

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